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About BrandWatchLive

Drawing on our more than 10 years’ experience serving higher education in the lead market as part of EducationDynamics , BrandWatchLive is in a unique position to anticipate the needs of institutions as they adopt newer, more stringent marketing standards and shore up lead vendor’s practices. As both a seller and a buyer of leads both in our Core Business as well as through LeadWatchLive

About LeadWatchLive

LeadWatchLive ™ is EducationDynamics’s award-winning inquiry management system. Supporting over 40 institutions, both for-profit and not-for-profit, and available as a self-service software platform and as a full-service media management solution, LeadWatchLive makes it easy to optimize marketing campaigns, validate leads, manage lead sources, and, because it’s fully integrated with


Education lead management & media management services help colleges and universities succeed in online lead generation.

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