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Active Link Monitoring

Our philosophy is simple. If you approved a web page and the page changes, you ought to know. Active Link Monitoring allows you to do just that and more. With Active Link Monitoring, you will be able to track any changes to a page, whether content has been added, deleted, or updated. Additionally, you will be able to monitor based on specific keywords or keyword combinations, based on rules you assign.

  • Submit links for monitoring, and BrandWatchLive will track them in real time, comparing any changes to the page against the original version you approved.
  • Receive alerts when pages have changed, whether content has been added, deleted, or updated from one version to the next.
  • Set up communications to your marketing and compliance stakeholders, as well as to vendors, for audit purposes and resolution.

Additionally, you can use the BrandWatchLive rule engine to create rules allowing you to track keywords or keyword combinations that appear on the links you’re monitoring.

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