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EducationDynamics Releases eLearner Index - Online Education Market Demand

Earlier this month, EducationDynamics announced the release of its 2011-12 eLearning Index , complete with five-year trends and analysis. The annual report delivers the most comprehensive review of the online education market currently available, providing unparalleled intelligence to help colleges and universities as they consider entering the market or expanding their catalog of online programs....

01-25-2012 by admin


Perhaps the only page on Wikipedia that is available today is the SOPA page describing the Stop Online Piracy Act currently being discussed in the House Judiciary Committee. Wikipedia is otherwise in blackout mode, so if you were planning to read up today on Hollywood's fascination with killing off Sean Bean in just about every role he plays onscreen, you may want to check out or YouTube instead...

01-18-2012 by admin

Lead Laundering

Perpetually a year or two behind the times in what's happening on television, I am, despite all the bad press and dithering CEO, a satisfied customer of Netflix, and watch most of my television through my Netflix subscription. In the past few months, I've been burning through the first three seasons of Breaking Bad, a pretty good show starring the craggy Bryan Cranston, who, as a high school chemistry...

01-05-2012 by admin

The Dwindling Power of a College Degree?

An article in the NY Times by Adam Davidson that calls into question the power of a college degree in securing a well-paying job refers to a graph that purportedly shows the disparity in income within professional fields as a function of some larger inequality. I might be missing something here, but the only inequality that's apparent is exactly the kind of inequality one would want to see, and one...

12-19-2011 by admin

Sitting Down To Get a Better View

Jay Weintraub's post on lead fraud from a number of weeks back was an interesting one. I think Weintraub gets it right on both counts: lead buyers - specifically, lead aggregators - will take a hit when first implementing fraud monitoring practices; but, those same lead buyers will eventually have the ability to be more omnivorous in their lead buying practices once the market becomes a cleaner, more...

12-07-2011 by admin

For-Profit Certification for Teachers in the Lone Star State

Fascinating stat in yesterday’s NY Times . According to an analysis of Texas Education Agency data, 40% of all new teachers in Texas are coming from alternative certification programs, many of which are for-profit enterprises, which count among their benefits a lower-cost option and an abbreviated path to certification. Where prospective education professionals attending traditional institutions...

11-27-2011 by admin

A Contrarian Take on "Misleading" Advertising Practises

An old article in the Chronicle, but the topic is every bit as relevant as it was in July. To be sure, the advertisements of the lead aggregators mentioned in the article may be misleading and, in baiting and switching a prospective student into submitting a lead for another school that it counts among its paying clients, they are capitalizing on the confusion they've caused. And, no doubt, the "official...

11-02-2011 by admin

US News Tackles Online College Rankings

This year, according to InsideHigherEd , US News & World Report will be coming out with its first-ever comparison of online institutions. Great news in general for for-profits catering to the online student, as it validates online education and gives the for-profit industry the recognition it's sought for years. Yet, for some schools, Capella University among them, the survey has its flaws. Capella...

10-13-2011 by admin

A Wave of Tuition Discounts For Students

As for-profits work to improve enrollments and throughput at their institution, they may take some inspiration from a growing number of not-for-profits that are offering a variety of discounts in order to raise the profile, ranking, and attendance at their schools. While some colleges are locking tuition based on the first year that a student attends, others are discounting specific programs based...

10-03-2011 by admin

NY Times on the Need for For-Profits

Joe Nocera's article in the NY Times Magazine's Education Issue this past weekend provides a rational look at the need for for-profit colleges in the US. As Nocera rightly points out, a college education is necessary not just for office work, but also for manufacturing jobs that require a level of technical skill that higher education provides. And, the simple fact is that community colleges and state...

09-19-2011 by admin

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