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EducationDynamics Releases eLearner Index - Online Education Market Demand

Earlier this month, EducationDynamics announced the release of its 2011-12 eLearning Index, complete with five-year trends and analysis. The annual report delivers the most comprehensive review of the online education market currently available, providing unparalleled intelligence to help colleges and universities as they consider entering the market or expanding their catalog of online programs. The index evaluates data from more than 3,400 degree programs offered by more than 200 accredited institutions, and not only reveals the most popular online degrees, but also highlights growth opportunities related to areas of study where prospective student demand is not yet met.

EducationDynamics first published the eLearning Index in 2007; since then, several interesting trends have emerged regarding the shape of demand for online programs. Among the findings:

  • Associate’s level Health Programs have risen from number three to being number one, replacing Business, which has fallen to number two.
  • Bachelor’s level demand has remained relatively unchanged with Business degrees maintaining the largest percentage of market demand, followed by Humanities, Social Sciences and Health Professions.
  • MBA and other Business masters degrees have seen the most precipitous decline in demand as a percentage of market-share, dropping from number one to number four.
  • Education degrees have seen the greatest demand growth, relative to percent of market share, moving from number three in the 2007 report, to number one in 2011.
  • Doctoral degrees in the field of Education have remained the largest field of study demanded by prospective students. In the same period, degrees in the Health Professions dropped from number two to number four, with Social Science jumping from number four to number two.

To find out more, check out the executive summary.  

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