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Recently awarded "Best Lead Management System in 2011 " by the Leads Council, LeadWatchLive is an industry-leading media management platform specifically created for, and in partnership with, higher education institutions, designed to allow clients to:

  • Verify and validate leads
  • Manage lead vendors and all other lead sources, internal and external, paid and unpaid
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of media campaigns and optimize media efforts

In our mission to create the best set of vendor management tools available, we developed BrandWatchLive so that it can be used not just as a standalone application, but also as seamlessly integrated with LeadWatchLive, providing advantages that cannot be achieved through a third-party integration.

The synergistic benefits of using BrandWatchLive in tandem with LeadWatchLive are numerous. All from one application, you can:

  • Manage approved vendor creatives and all communications with vendors
  • Set allocations
  • Set triggers for compliance functionality to be activated based on a lead source’s activity
  • Pause and restart vendors and campaigns based on findings from your brand monitoring

To find out more about LeadWatchLive™ , simply fill out our inquiry form and we’ll get in touch with you, or call 888-567-2008.

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